PennApps Accelerator Board Member Application
*Deadline - February 25th, 2017*

PennApps Accelerator is Penn’s premier student-run accelerator. We provide startups with $1k in cash and $20,000 in other resources (video production discounts, etc.). Every semester, we accept around 10 startups from around Penn’s student body -- Wharton, Engineering, The College, grad, undergrad,       and more--and take them from idea to pitching in front of VCs in 8 weeks. Our startups have gone on to raise from many investors including First Round Capital, prominent angel investors from the east coast, and Tech Stars NYC.

As a board member, you will work with promising Penn startups as well as interface with investors and entrepreneurs in Philadelphia. 

Applications are due on Sunday, February 25th, at 5:00PM. If you get called for an interview it will take place either the week before or after Spring Break. 
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